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Wedding Dance Lessons

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

Wedding Dance Lessons
The best wedding dance lessons will prepare you for your special day

Make your first dance a fun and exciting moment to anticipate, enjoy and remember with wedding dance lessons.

Wedding dance lessons with a trained teacher will make that happen. One of the most important elements in your weddings is your first dance. We work with your special song that can be of any genre to build your choreography as we move through your  song. 

Shh!  Lets keep it a secret!

A surprise wedding dance that has been choreographed will shake up your reception. We prefer you start two to three months before so you have time to be comfortable with your special dance. Check our best wedding dance lesson packages for a great deal!

Wedding Dance Lessons  Book here!


One (1) Private one hour Dance Lesson – $65 per hour

Five (5) Private one hour Dance Lessons – $299 ($60 per hour)

Ten (10) Private one hour Dance Lessons. – $550 ($55 per hour

Book your lesson with our instructor who is expertly trained and knowledgeable in both the men and ladies steps to best assist in couple dancing.


Purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for any special occasion – birthday, anniversary and weddings. It will arrive by email within hours and can be customized with names. Our one hour Private Dance Lessons and Private Group Classes can be booked well in advance or with short notice. We can easily re-schedule them if you have a calendar conflict! We know you are busy.

Gift Certificate for Dance Lessons
Calgary Dance Studio for dancing lesson

Elizabeth and Weston

Our first dance was perfect!! Thank you so much for the lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Jennifer and Dave

The big finale to their amazing first dance in August 2020.


General Wedding Dance Tips

  • For the first dance, choose a song that you love and is meaningful to your relationship. Your song should be between 2.5 to 3.5 minutes. You can mix two songs if you cannot decide but no longer than 4 minutes in total.
  • A few dance lessons with our Profesional Instructor can boost your confidence and keep the attention and admiration of your guests. 
  • Practise your wedding dance between your wedding dance lessons. Try to run through your first dance at your venue before the big day to feel more comfortbale and get your bearings.
  • If your wedding dress is long or has a train, bustle it so you don’t trip over it. Take a couple of steps back in your wedding dance shoes to make sure you do not step on the hem or train.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing. If you aren’t used to high heels, wear lower heels or flats. 
  • The Groom will undoubtedly look handsome is his jacket but not so much when dancing, due to the fabric bunching when he raises his arms. A vest will look much better, will be cooler and comfortable.
  • At your wedding reception there will be some great songs that your wedding party or guests will want to get up and dance with. Share your excitement of your upcoming wedding with your wedding party –  book a private group class with your invited guests.
  • Place cameras for the best viewing of your wedding dance. They are always in centre front and sometimes off to the side, but why not have one placed in the back corner so you can later watch the dance with all your guests in view as you present your dance.