Wedding Dance Lessons

So you may have chosen your special wedding song for your first dance but as a couple you do not know any special dance steps other than a gently sway? We can help!

At your wedding reception The DJ will be playing some awesome tunes to get your  party started. You can book a private group class with only your invited guests, the Bride and Groom, parents, wedding party or guests. Then you can stream your wedding dance on Facebook or other platform to share with your friends!

  • Do you have an upcoming wedding and you are a little uncomfortable with dancing your first dance?
  • Just a few lessons will give you the confidence to step out onto the dance floor!
  • Do you need help choosing your special song or do you need help editing your song? Perhaps you would like to have two songs mixed together?
  • No previous dance experience is necessary and your dance is choreographed customized to your comfort zone.

Perhaps there is someone who would like to purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for your wedding dance lessons as your wedding gift?

We prefer you start a couple of months before so you have time to polish your special dance. Your choreography can be simple or we can teach you turns, dips and a simple lift to WOW your guests!

Our one hour Private Dance Lessons can be booked well in advance or with short notice. We can easily re-schedule them if you have a calendar conflict! We know you are busy.

Gift Certificate for Dance Lessons

Elizabeth and Weston

Our first dance was perfect!! Thank you so much for the lessons.

wedding dance

Jennifer and Dave

The big finale to their amazing first dance in August 2020.

Do you need a little help choosing a song for your first dance or the parents dance?

The first dance can also be a mix of a slow song and a faster song. We can mix those songs for you free of charge when you purchase wedding dance lessons.

The parents usually have a different song but do not always have to dance the entire song.  On occasion the parents may share a song which each one dancing half.

Below is a link to some excellent choices for songs, try tapping out the beat with your feet to see if it is too slow slow or too fast.

Waltz is slow and has three beats to a bar but most slow songs have four. We can teach you to dance and work with the dimensions of your dance floor.