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Social dance skills for couples

Learn to dance as a couple for all those dances and special events gets you our on the dancefloor to your favourite songs.

January 15, 2018

Whether you are a new couple or have known each other forever, dance can be that something new for both or you. Dance is a very good exercise, that gets you up on the dancefloor to dance to all your favourite songs instead of watching others have all the fun. You can be  out socializing to meet friends, 

Dance lessons for singles all ages welcome

Singles learn to social dance to meet new friends and gain access to more social events and meet people.

February 14, 2018

Dancing provides the perfect activity to get up close and personal. After all, in the words of George Bernard Shaw is it not the case that dancing is the “vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalised by music”? Surely a good reason to dance.

Learn something new as a couple

Health Benefits of dancing 

March 15, 2018

Ballroom Dancing has many health benefits. It can help to reduce stress, gain muscle strength in your feet, ankles and legs to improve your balance. Dancing can burn as many calories as walking or riding a bike. Exercise is much easier when you are doing something you enjoy.

Read more information on health benefits from the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute here...


The First Dance Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons 

April 24, 2018

Wedding dance lessons can take away any nervousness you may have of getting up on the dancefloor for your upcoming wedding. Dance lessons can be a healthy break from all the stress of planning your wedding. Look forward to your special day with a few mastered dance steps for your first dance while your guests smile, enjoy and snap those pictures.

Cruise dance lessons

Dancing on your cruise ship or vacation

May 18,  2018

Cruises are a popular choice for vacation and on each cruise, you will hear bands playing different styles of music in the afternoon and evening, music that you will not want to sit down for - you will want to dance!  It does not matter where you travel in the world, everyone dances and in some countries more than others.

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Dancing is learned like a sport - golf or tennis,

June 12,  2018

If you were to undertake a new activity such as golf or tennis, you would take a few lessons with a professional to show you the basics to get you started. You would then head out for some practice to train your body for coordination, balance and strength to perform the new skills. Shortly after you would return to your Pro to take further lessons to improve and then back to practice. It is the same way for learning to ballroom dance or learn to dance for your wedding dance. 

Valentines Day dance lessons for your sweetie

A Valentine Dance Lesson for that someone special!

February 6th 2019

Book a ballroom, Latin or Country dance lesson for that someone special in your life! Available at the NE or SW locations. $65 per hour for two!

Valentines Day dance lessons for your sweetie

Give a gift certificate for a special event. A perfect choice as a wedding gift to learn the first dance!!

April 11th 2019

Your Gift Certificate can be for a single lesson or any number you choose. Perfect for wedding dance lessons, a birthday surprise or any occasion.

Valentines Day dance lessons for your sweetie

Summer Sale on Dance Lesson Packages!  Ends August 31st 2019

August 10th 2019

Buy your dance lesson package now on our Summer Sale and book your lessons later. If you have a busy summer you can save them for the fall and winter.

Valentines Day dance lessons for your sweetie


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FOR ONLY $110.50

September 17th 2019

Fall is approaching and now is the time to start your dance journey in time for Christmas and New Years parties. Two private lessons to get you started in one or two dances of your choice!

Valentines Day dance lessons for your sweetie

Valentines Special. 

January 15th 2020

Treat someone special with a dance lesson. Enjoy a special dinner followed by a surprise visit to the studio. A $59 one hour lesson special for two people when booked between February 8th & 16th.  

A Gift Certificate is available.