Social Dancing and Wedding Dance Lessons

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Wedding  Dance Lessons Calgary

Your First Dance as husband and wife

The ceremony was perfect, dinner was delicious and now your guests are waiting for your first dance.  You may choose a song that is special to both of you, or perhaps you have several songs and are not sure what to pick? Bring your song choices with you so we can help. 

You are ready to dance in front of your guests because you prepared with a few dance lessons with Dancing Til Dawn. 

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Wedding dance Lessons

What style of dance will you choose?

Social dancing in Calgary is a great way to meet people, make new friends and get some gentle exercise. Dancing builds muscle, improves your balance and challenges your memory skills to keep them in top shape! 

Whether your style is Ballroom, Latin or Country we can help you to learn to dance with confidence. We start off gently with two dances that will have you up dancing and having fun!

Parents dance at wedding

Parents Dance or Wedding Party Dance

Private Dancing Lessons can be booked for the Bride and father dance, groom and mother dance or we can book you in as a small private group class to all learn together. You can choose your special song(s) or we can help. You may want to consider booking a group class for the wedding party as a special event prior to the wedding. Private Group Classes are very affordable.

Country Line dance lessons for your bachelorette party

Bachelorette Line Dancing (Hen Party)

Include a line dance hour for your bachelorette party! We can host your event at the studio or attend your location. An instructor can teach country-style line dancing, disco line dances, hand jive, or any party dance. We can also provide a small or large professional DJ system to play the music. Contact us for more information.

Wedding reception dance lesson

Wedding reception dance lessons

Some of your guests could be a little shy at being the first on the dance floor and you need an icebreaker. A Dancing Til Dawn instructor can get your party started with line dancing lessons or a fun couples dance lesson. 

Social Dancing or Wedding, Here are someDance Videos to help you choose your style


Your first dance can be a very simple dance with only a few easy moves learned in 2 or 3 Private Wedding Dance Lessons in any dance style.

You may want to invest a little more time and book 5 Wedding Dance Lessons to learn dance moves to keep your wedding dance fresh throughout your 3 minute plus song. In our beautiful ballroom dance studio, we teach you to walk onto and off of the floor gracefully with or without music and include a dip or two, turns, twirls and a surprise. 

Your special wedding dance is one you will never forget, it stands out from all others and has your personal touch, a memory treasured by you and family.

Your 10 Wedding Dance Lessons Package can be one or more songs and different styles of dance. We choreograph and teach a variety of dance moves to work with your songs and dance floor dimensions. It includes dips, kicks, turns, twirls and perhaps a very easy lift. We know that the groom usually prefers to keep it easy so we choreograph for the ladies to be more active. You can also use a few of the lessons to learn another dance like Two Step, Jive or waltz to dance at your reception later

We offer affordable Group Classes for the Parents Dance, Family or Wedding Party. Please contact us to choose your best day and time and for more information.


This is a Slow Waltz and easy to learn. The music has three beats to a bar.


This is a Foxtrot and easy to learn. The music has four beats to a bar.

Viennese Waltz

This is a Viennese Waltz. The music has three beats to a bar and is usually twice the speed of the Slow Waltz.

This is an International Rumba and a Bachata

This is International Rumba and Bachata. Both have four beats to a bar, but the two songs have a different genre (style)


This is an American Tango.  The music has four beats to a bar. 

Lindy and Swing

This music again has four beats to a bar. The dance is a mix of Lindy with Swing & Jive

Swing or Single Time Jive

This music has four beats to a bar. The dance is single time Jive which some call Swing. An easier dance to faster music.

A fun Bride, Groom and Wedding Party Dance

This took several months of lessons and practise to learn. We can choreograph a fun but much easier dance routine for the bride, groom and wedding party to any song you choose.

Texas Two Step

The dance is single time Jive which some call Swing. An easier dance to faster music. This music has four beats to a bar.

A fast Waltz to Ed Sheeran's Perfect

This music is a fast Waltz with three beats to a bar. The choreography allows for slow and fast dancing to this song.

Surprise Father and Daughter Dance

A fun Mother and Son Dance