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Learn To Dance


NOW is the best time to learn a new dance or add more patterns, turns and dips to make your dancing exciting! Our instructor will provide the best dancing lessons to get you up and having a great time at social events. 

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The best and faster way to progress is a Private Lesson.  While instruction is given in all classes, the learning rate in a Private Lesson is more than twice the speed of a group class, as you receive one-on-one attention of the instructor who can provide constant guidance,  correction and acknowledgement of success.      

In a group class setting the instructor will focus on the difficulties seen by multiple students and address them to the class. The instructor is able to give individual help when music is played and other couples practise. 

Calgary's Best Dance School

Invite your friends, family wedding party or co-workers to your Group Class!

You can organize your own group class and invite co-workers, family and friends! Group Classes can be booked at the studio or your venue! You choose your favorite dance to learn and the best day and time! Lessons are available in our NE or SW locations, Monday to Sunday, between 10 am and 9 pm.

  • Are for a maximum of 2 students
  • One (1) Private one hour Dance Lesson – ($65 per hour).
  • Five (5) Private one hour Dance Lessons – $299 ($60 per hour)
  • Ten (10) Private one hour Dance Lessons – $550 ($55 per hour)
  • Are for 3 – 100 students!
  • Invite your family, friends or coworkers to your special class.
  • You choose the day, time and the dance you would like to learn.
  • Learning to social dance with family and friends is a fun activity while you spend quality time together.
Social dance October 8th 2022

Social Dance on Saturday, October 8th 2022

Dance the night away on our 4,000 sq. ft. dance floor to a live band! Doors Open at 6:30 pm. The band plays from 7:30 - 11:00 pm. Tickets are Members $12.00, Guests $14.00 CASH AT THE DOOR ONLY. Includes sandwiches, tea, coffee and a treat!

Ballroom Dancing Classes

A Gift Certificate for dance lessons is the best gift and can be placed into your greeting card. It can be personalized with names, be in any denomination and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours or less! 

Gift Certificate for Dance Lessons

Ballroom, Latin and Country Social Dance Lessons

With just a few dance lessons you can learn how to Two Step, Waltz, Salsa, Tango and many more dances. Let us help you improve your lead and follow skills to make your dance partnership work better.  Bring your camera to your ballroom dance lessons to record your new moves at the end of the lesson. This will be a great help to help when you practise between lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Get excited and confident about your upcoming first dance. Learn to dance with your special song.  See our wedding dance lesson information HERE

Line Dancing Lessons

Upscale your event, book our Country Line Dance instructor for your Stampede event, Bachelorette or Birthday Party. Book our instructor to attend your at your event location or at the dance studio to entertain you and your guests!  



Mya V. Review on Yelp

Highly recommended! If your looking for someone to actually make your whole wedding dance fun, and beautiful Dawn is the one! Dancing till dawn is owned by Dawn. She is an older lady who is talented at dancing and does dancing for a living. She doesn’t have her own  studio but you go to different studios and dance there. Price is great! And she made us feel so comfortable and felt like she understood that it would  take time before we actually got it ( this was great because she didn’t rush us)

Dawn, actually made our wedding dance and everyone was in love with it at the wedding ( actually shocked that we were able to do that) it looked like we were professional dancers but we only have been dancing for 5 months! To end this now… You should hire this lady and don’t waddle at your wedding, you will be blown away with the lessons.